Welcome to Saugeen Cottagers' Organization Inc.

Representing Cottagers on Saugeen First Nation #29


Community Foundation Annual Report

2016 Annual Report of Grey Bruce Community Foundation lists the SCOI Endowment Fund among its new Education Funds. To read the report, click here.  Our fund is outlined on page...

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Nuclear Waste Information

Burying Nuclear Waste near Lake Huron Quote from Don Amy’s (McIntee Real Estate agent in Southampton) most recent newsletter: ”Also, some significant local news that will no doubt have a positive impact on Southampton real estate:  Saugeen Shores is no longer being...

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General Info



Opening the Cottage

Opening the cottage can be as important as closing up, so here are a few thoughts to consider as we look forward to opening up. For many of us, that will happen in early May.

Remember that the water …

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Preparing for Winter

Every cottage is different, and special attentions must be paid to those differences, but here are some general ideas to follow when “winterizing” your cottage.

If the cottage is not winterized…

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Insuring Your Lease Land Cottage

Insuring your lease land cottage begins with a decision to insure the cottage for your financial interest in the property, usually market value or what it would cost to rebuild it usually referred to the replacement cost or reconstruction cost of the building…

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