Service Fee Invoices

The 2022 Service Fee is the same as last year; $1,000.

The Service Fee is reviewed regularly by the Band council. SCOI does not have input into the review process. The fee is paid by all Band members and businesses, not cottagers alone.

Late Fees

Please pay the invoice upon receipt.

Payments received after the 30th of April will result in a LATE FEE of $100.00 set by the Saugeen Band Council, effective the  following business day.

Septic Systems

In regard to septic systems, please note the following.


All cottages/businesses are required to have a septic system that meets or exceeds the standards set out in the Ontario Building Code (OBC) and by the Saugeen First Nation. Currently, the minimum system in the ground must be an 800 gal. tank and bed or 2000 gal holding tank. If there is a new system required, then a 1000 gal tank is required or a 2500 gal holding tank.

Any system that does not meet these standards will be required to upgrade immediately.

All leased lots will be required to show proof of a compliant system or approved permit to install, prior to any lease renewal in 2021.

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