About SCOI

The Saugeen Cottager’s Organization Incorporated is a volunteer-run cottage association representing cottagers who lease land on the Saugeen First Nation Reserves  #28 and #29 in the Sauble Beach area.  It was formed in the early 60’s as an umbrella association to represent the interests of the four cottage associations (Chiefs Point, South Sauble, French Bay and Block “B”) to the Saugeen Band. Each of the local Associations  annually appoints one representative to the SCOI Board and nominates another for possible election at the SCOI Annual General Meeting.

Each Association appoints a Director to sit on the SCOI Board and these Directors in turn elect SCOI Officers.  The SCOI President is elected to a 3-year term by the SCOI members at the annual general meeting.  This appointment of Directors is to ensure that all the associations are well represented and have an equal opportunity to participate in Executive roles.

Board of Directors

Lucas Cugalj: President 
Charlene Vollrath: Vice President

Carole Reynolds
Brandon Hall
Chris Ball
David Colle
Carl Davies
Dave Pickard
Jim Grant

Rob McLaughlin: Secretary  info@scoi.ca
Betty Hughes: Treasurer


SCOI’s Role

SCOI’s major role continues to be to represent the cottage owners’ position to our ‘landlord’, the Saugeen Band. The issues generally concern the ‘lease’ and activity around interpretation, improvements, pricing and Annual Service Fee and enforcement of by-laws.  Our present lease is in effect until April 30, 2021.

The SCOI Executive also communicates with other cottage associations in Canada with leases on reserve lands.

We encourage you to become a member of SCOI by joining your local cottage association.  Ten dollars of your local  membership fee goes directly to SCOI and is used for administrative expenses such as the SCOI website  and other communication to cottagers.

Association members are all members of SCOI and as such have voting privileges at all general meetings.


Annual General Meeting

The annual general meeting is usually held on the Saturday of the Labour Day weekend.  All members are welcome and encouraged to attend.


SCOI Bylaws

Click here to read our bylaws.


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