Pickup Days 

2018 Garbage pickup begins Monday, April 30 2018 through to Monday, October 29, 2018.

Garbage bags will be picked up from boxes on Mondays or in the case of a long weekend it will be picked up on Tuesday.

Blue Boxes and recycles will be picked up on Tuesdays through Thursdays (see recycle section on what can and cannot be put in your blue box).


Large Garbage Pickup

In the spring of 2016, the Band established that there would no longer be a pickup of large garbage items during the week following the May long weekend. This was based on evidence that a significant number of cottage owners were bringing large items from home to be disposed of here, presumably to avoid paying a disposal fee at home. Many cottagers failed to read notice of this change on the flyer issued by Land Management which goes out each spring with the invoice for annual maintenance fees. This resulted in many large garbage items being set at the road for pickup and subsequently being left there, some for many weeks.


The Band would also like cottagers to refrain from putting large garbage items at the roadside during the week before the Labour Day weekend.

Large items placed at the road in the fall after large garbage pickup will be collected and the Cottagers charged the $100 fee.

Dump Rules  

Do not leave bagged and other garbage at the gate to the dump during  off hours.

Staff will open any such bags to identify their source, the OPP will be called, and the owner will be charged with trespassing or littering.


Dump hours and location

Dumping After Hours


Beach Garbage

Cottager garbage left in the cans on the beach will be inspected and the OPP called to lay charges against the cottager.

If you witness this kind of behaviour, get a license plate or address and report it to the
Works Department  519 797 1057