We have had inquiries about the new towers that have been erected on the Main Beach at Silver Lake Road and the former Red Road Cafe at the north end near Main Street. The Band has also installed poles along the beach and is currently burying cable along the beach. This undertaking will be complete within the next 10 days to 2 weeks.

The purpose is to create a Wi-Fi system that will be available to day trippers using the Main Beach. The cost will be $4.99/hr or $9.99/24hrs. Payment for the system will be on-line. Cottagers who are close enough to receive the signal can also connect on the limited basis described above.


Once the system is up and running smoothly the Band will consider adding a monthly service option for those cottagers who are close enough to receive the signal.

We will post notice of that development if/when it happens.

More Information

Inquiries about this or the Band internet service should call Rob Skye at the Band administration offices.

519-797-2781  ext 1105