Membership in a Cottage Association

SCOI is an umbrella organization formed by the 4 cottage associations to act as liaison with the Band.

Membership in one of these organizations includes membership in SCOI.  A portion of your fees goes to support SCOI activities and this website.

In 2021

Beginning this year, access to posts on this website will be available only to members.

Please choose which geographic area your cottage lies in and register for membership, below. 

Cottage Organizations

Block B

Located along the lakeshore just north of Southampton to the intersection of 2nd Ave. and Bruce County Rd. 13.

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French Bay Beach Association

Takes in the area extending from north of the intersection of 2nd Ave. and Bruce County Rd. 13 (Sauble/Southampton Parkway) to south of French Bay Rd.

This includes residents of Wabeeze Rd., Thompson Ave., 27th St. S., 28th St. S., 29th St. S., 30th St. S. and 31st St. S.

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South Sauble

Running south of Main St to French Bay Road.

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Chief's Point

Located on the north side of the Sauble River below the Sauble Falls where the salmon come to spawn..

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