A Recent News Story

A recent news story on the Blackburn News web site has been drawn to our attention by cottagers.

Some have drawn the conclusion from the wording of the story that there will be a massive increase in lease fees. This is not correct.

SCOI has not been informed about any changes to lease fees yet 

We will inform members via the web page when we have information to pass along.

The Vote on the Matter

The story also refers to “the vote on the matter”. The “vote” is the designation vote, a requirement of the Indian Act to designate about 80 band-owned lots for seasonal residential purposes, allowing them to continue to be leased to cottagers.

The vote has nothing to do with lease fee changes. Lease fees are decided by the Chief and Band Council after receiving the recommendations of the report on the mandatory once-every-five-years appraisal process, as outlined in our leases.