Block B Appeals

We have received a number of comments/questions from Block B cottagers who may be interested in appealing their lease rate increases. This is something that each of you needs to do independently.

There are also calls for a coordinated effort. To do this there needs to be a way for you to connect with one another and to share the costs associated with an appeal. However, in the end, cottagers will each need to appeal the rate you have been invoiced for.

SCOI is not in a position to do any of this. Individual cottager owners may wish to remain anonymous until an appeal is actually lodged and privacy regulations prevent SCOI from sharing e-mail addresses of our subscribers. SCOI can certainly help to make people aware that there is a group contemplating an appeal but that group will need to identify a leader and create a separate private Facebook page for the group to communicate among themselves and to which we can make referrals.

Whoever takes the lead (be it an individual or a small group) will need to hire a lawyer and, eventually, an appraiser. One consideration is there are two lease rates – ‘waterfront’ and ‘other’ in Block B which means there may be cottagers in each that wish to appeal. That means two rates to be appealed and reappraised. You will need to decide how to get this done if needed.


Another consideration is timing. The current rates were established by an appraisal that was done late last summer/early fall. Since then real estate values have been rising and a new appraisal will likely reflect this difference unless the original appraisal was significantly out of whack. The new lease period begins May 1st and what we do not know is if the adjudicator will choose the rate that most accurately reflects the value of your lot on May 1st even if the new rate is higher than the one you are appealing.

So if you have decided to appeal or have decided to pursue the process further, we need someone to come forward as a contact. If you want to remain anonymous on the SCOI website, then  you need to retain a lawyer that we can then tell others to contact.

If you haven’t gotten that far, but have set up a Facebook page for this, let us know about it and we can create a post that directs people to it.

Other Groups

If there are other groups, beyond Block B, who are considering an Appeal, then the same applies as above.  SCOI is prepared to provide the same support, but cannot initiate or facilitate any direct involvement.

We are aware of a group of cottagers in Block A on 3rd and 4th avenues.  However this group is not objecting to the appraisals per se but, rather, feels that they have been assigned the wrong tier of lease rate.