Block "B" Cottage Association

Block B Cottage Association

Block B includes members from cottages along the Lake Huron Shoreline on Bruce Road 13, ERN 209-967, ERN 1-45 Ah-Sineese, ERN 1520-1492 2nd Ave.


Memberships must be paid before access to posts is granted.

  • Members are also members of the Saugeen Cottagers’ Organization Inc. and SCOI works closely with Saugeen First Nation 29 to address areas of concern and provide updates.
  • Members are updated through a yearly newsletter.
  • Traffic, speed and dangerous driving on Bruce County Rd. 13 are of concern and the Block B Cottage Association is in contact with the OPP and Bruce County about these issues.
  • Block B volunteer members are involved in removing debris regularly from the roadside on Bruce County Rd. 13 as part of the Adopt-A-Highway program.
  • Members can sign up for winter surveillance by an independent third party for an additional fee

President: Jim Grant

Volunteers Needed

If interested in the Block “B” Cottage Association, please email us.

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