Further information on the Service Fee increase

The Indian Act

Currently the Service Fees are set according to by-law under the Indian Act. The increases take into account salary increases for a number of staff administrative units – primarily  Land Management, Economic Development (beach crew), Works, Fire Protection and Security along with operating costs which are mostly associated with the Works Department.

Smaller Increments

SCOI did ask for annual smaller increments and the Band did look at changing to small yearly increases under another section of the Indian Act. However, doing so would require a ratification vote of all Band members every time they wanted to make a change, and it would, in fact, result in larger increases varying among cottage owners because the calculation would in part have to be based on the value of each cottage.

This would also mean more work for the Band and an outcome that would not reflect the true cost of the services being provided.

First Nations’ Land Management Act

The Indian Act is a very paternalistic, prescriptive, inflexible piece of legislation from the 1800s. Until the Band is able to transition to the First Nations’ Land Management Act we are out of luck.