On the Canada Day weekend there was a thief trying car doors along Thompson  Ave at 3am. A number of small items were stolen.

This is a reminder to make sure you lock your cars and sheds and even cottage doors when you are not at home or even during the day when you are sitting in your back yard. And please also keep an eye out for people you do not known who may be snooping around your neighbours’ places.

If you encounter or see someone snooping, you should call CanCom (519-379-4760) if it is between 8am and 2am). Otherwise call the OPP (519-534-1323) or 911 if it is an emergency.

If you call Can Com and don’t get an answer during their working hours, especially if it is late, try again in 5 minutes. They patrol the entire reserve and there are a few locations where they do not get cell reception as they are making their rounds.