The SCOI Board has decided to take advantage of the SCOI website by moving cottage association membership registrations on-line. This move will significantly reduce the time invested by association volunteers in soliciting for members, creating membership lists, Winter Patrol lists, processing cheques and other tasks.

The French Bay Beach Association has been using the website for on-line registrations for two years.  The South Sauble Cottagers’ Association began offering that option last year. Chief’s Point Cottagers’ Association is now also on-line and Block B Cottagers’ Association will start in mid-April. Along with on-line registration, all associations are offering – and  prefer – an e-transfer option of payment for membership and Winter Patrol fees.

1,100 Website Subscribers  ̶  680 Members

The SCOI website has seen a dramatic increase in the number of subscribers since it first started. We currently have around 1,100 subscribers, up from under 300 two years ago. Unfortunately, of the approximately 1,240 land lease cottage owners, only 680 are members of one of the cottage associations. Last summer, at the time of membership drives, many cottage owners expressed the view that there was no need to join because they could get all their information from the SCOI website.

Access Restriction

As we move to on-line membership registration and payment, the Board has also decided to restrict access to members only. Everyone will still have access to the website and can also access any of the menu items across the top of the home page. All viewers will also be able to see the post headings, but when they click on “Read More” they will be blocked unless they are an individual cottage association member.

We also get lots of non-cottager enquiries, including potential cottage buyers and the media. This change will allow those people to still read about SCOI and to send us their questions.

There are also Band Council members and senior Band administrators as well as Winter Patrol and other security providers, contractors and local business interests such as realtors and community associations who have subscribed. We have created a group called “Friends of SCOI” and these people will continue to have access to the SCOI posts if they request it.


The implementation of the on-line registration system and password access will be phased in.

The French Bay association will begin to encourage its members to register starting later this month. This will be followed by South Sauble in early April, then Chief’s Point and finally Block B in April/May.

The web posts will be freely available to everyone until May 31st, after which access will be for members and “Friends of SCOI ” only. Each of the local associations will be in communication with their current members about this. For those that have signed up online since January 1st, you do not need to sign up again. You are registered.

For those that do not belong to a cottage association and who want to continue to access the SCOI web page posts, you can go to the website and under “member associations” on the header of the home page, and click on the appropriate association for your cottage’s location from the dropdown menu or here ( Online registration forms can be accessed there.

Friends of SCOI need to do the same thing as described above for non-members. Along with association registration forms is a form for “Friends of SCOI”.

The registration forms are available now for French Bay, South Sauble, Chief’s Point cottage owners and Friends of SCOI if you want to try it out.

Block B’s form will be available in the next few weeks.

Have no Internet?

We know there are cottage owners who do not have internet and who will want to continue to print off a membership form and send it in with a cheque. This is still an option. The member association secretary/treasurer will have to add you to their list manually. However, please keep in mind that by signing up this way you will no longer have access to the SCOI posts.

Email and Password Required

For those who choose to sign up on-line, you will be asked for your e-mail address and to choose a password that you will need to use after June 1st.

If after June 1st you try to click on a post to “read more”, you will immediately be asked to login or to register for an association. If you forget your password, the system has a “forgot your password?” option and it will email you a link to reset your password.

We are starting this now so everyone gets a chance to register and, we hope, have a steady flow of members rather than a crush at the deadline. We know the system works but have no idea how it will handle everyone trying to sign up in the last 2 weeks of May.

Don’t miss out

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