A Little Background

Yesterday, October 27, 2021, the Band held a vote to designate about 90 lots in Block A (South Sauble and French Bay) as seasonal residential.
This is a requirement of the Indian Act for lots that, over time, have been transferred from being held by locatees, to being held by the Band.

Earlier this year a designation vote was held and resulted in a “No” vote.  There was a low turnout and considerable confusion  about the purpose of the vote so it was decided that the Band should hold a second vote after Band members were given more information about what was at stake.

That vote was held yesterday.  Indigenous Services Canada is responsible for counting the ballots and certifying the results of the vote.

Official Results Posted

The official results of the vote have been posted on the Band’s Facebook Page.

We are pleased that the vote passed. Each cottage owner on a lot subject to the designation vote will now be issued a lease that will end on April 30, 2026 to replace the 2-year permit they were given earlier this year.

See SFN's website for details