generic garbage truck

In the Chief’s Point CA Executive meeting this morning SCOI was asked, “Why is garbage pickup always Tuesday? It used to be Monday. Why can’t it be Monday, especially when the band used to start in our area and work south?”


Several years ago, Bruce County had received many complaints about garbage on the county road allowance (Bruce Road 13, the Parkway) from garbage not picked up on Monday in the southern and more populated end of the reserve. Garbage not picked up on Monday would be trashed by bears, raccoons, skunks and other animals and birds, leaving a huge mess.
The Band’s response to Bruce County’s concern was to change the starting point of the garbage pickup route so as to clear the southern, more populated areas of the reserve and the lots along #21 and Bruce Road 13 first. That meant that Chief’s Point would be the last for garbage pickup.

The bottom line?

The band has to work with Bruce County year round. The likelihood of the garbage pickup schedule being changed is probably slim to none. That places the larger onus on cottagers to follow good waste management practices, place garbage in sturdy bins and to follow best practices to keep bears and other animals from dining on our leftovers.