$100 Fee

Beginning Monday June 5, 2017, the Band will be collecting large garbage items left by the road.  

The cottage owner responsible will receive  a $100 invoice for this extra service.



Look Familiar?

Eyesores and Complaints

No one wants to look at garbage!

SCOI and the Band have been receiving complaints from local residents and other cottagers about the large garbage items being left by the road again this year.

This is the second year that the Land  Management flyer has clearly indicated that there will be only one large item pickup and that will be the week following Labour Day.

How Can You Avoid the Fee?

There are 3 options:

  1. Remove any roadside garbage items that have not been pickup up since the May long weekend.
  2. Take garbage to the landfill (See landfill location and hours here) and pay a $20 dumping fee.
  3. Call the  Works Department ( 519 797 1057 ) and they will  pick it up and dispose of the item for a $40 fee.