Greetings, Friends. I’m David Shearman, the current president of SCOI.

Please read the post further down about service fees and the new Services Brochure that went out with the invoice.

There are a couple of typos we have managed to have corrected. The corrected brochure is posted here.

Planning to come early to self-isolate?

I would also urge caution about planning to come to the cottage for self-isolation at the moment.

SCOI is aware of this concern and have reached out to the Band for clarification. However, with COVID-19, Band offices are closed until April 6.

Please refer to Section 8.3 of the current lease agreement, found on the SCOI web site, as it sets limits and charges for occupation between November and the end of April. Those have not been changed, to our knowledge.

We have contacted the Land Management Office asking about early arrivals. Staff indicate that Band Council is responsible for making that decision and they will not be meeting until later in April.

The lease allows for occupancy up to ten days/month during the off-season, so the earliest that cottage owners can return full-time would be April 21st.

We should add that cottage owners throughout cottage country are being encouraged NOT to return early to self- isolate because the health support system in these areas does not have the capacity to  deal with this additional load if required.

Please also note that garbage pickup does not start until Monday May 4th.


Stay safe, stay healthy and wash your hands.