We have received the following communication from the Interim Band Administrator of Saugeen First Nation which we have been asked to share with all cottagers.

Saugeen First Nation will be complying with the provincewide lockdown requirements effective January 14 and as such we ask you to advise all cottagers:

  1. Cottage owners cannot access their cottages
  2. An emergency repair is the ONLY reason to access your cottage
  3. Cottagers cannot check their propane level or any such item on leased land cottages
  4. Cancom will be patrolling and anyone at their cottage will be asked to leave as soon as possible but no later than 9:00 am the next morning.

The OPP have advised us that non-compliance fines range from $750 – $10,000.  Ontario has given all police and by-law officers the power to enforce the stay-at-home-order.

Brian Death

Interim Band Administrator, Saugeen First Nation

SCOI has confirmed with the Interim Band Administrator that any security and property check services engaged by cottagers will be able to continue their inspection work through the lockdown period

We have also confirmed with the Interim Band Administrator that Cancom will begin patrolling and enforcing the lockdown beginning the morning of January 14th