This is a prime time of year for thieves.

This is the time of year, between Labour Day and Thanksgiving, when thieves are aware that many cottage owners are absent from their cottages during the week.

Very few cottages have been closed for the season and this usually means that things like alcohol, electronics and other valuables are still on the premises.

Last year during this time there were a significant number of kayaks and BBQs, still outside and not locked away, that went missing.

There are lots of contractors still working throughout the cottage area and it is easy for thieves with a pick up to hide in plain sight. Lock your stuff away, or better still take that which you no longer need, home.

Neighbours still at their cottage should challenge anyone who appears to be snooping around.  Get a license plate or call Cancom if you feel uncomfortable or unsure.

Be safe and keep your things out of sight and locked up.

If you see suspicious activity at a neighbour’s cottage, please notiify

  • Cancom at 519-379-4760

  • or the Wiarton OPP at 519-534-1323