The 2018 brochure has been mailed out with your annual Maintenance Fee invoice. 

The biggest change for this year is that there will be no big garbage pick-up in either the Spring or the Fall.

  • Those needing to get rid of large garbage items can still take it to the Band landfill (fees are outlined in the brochure) or have it picked up by the Works Department ($40 fee is the same as last year).
  • And as was the case last year, items left out for others to take that are by the road for longer than 2 weeks will be picked up by the works department and cottage owners will be invoiced $100. 
  • Anyone caught discarding garbage at the gate to the landfill or elsewhere on the band lands will be charged by the OPP with trespassing and littering.
  • Last year it was obvious that many cottage owners had not read the brochure carefully with the result that a number of $100 invoices were issued for items discarded by the road.
    If you see that a neighbour has left items at the road for longer than a week, please bring these changes to their attention.

  • Recyclable items are the same as last year.  Only tin or aluminum food and beverage containers can be recycled along with plastic food and beverage containers and plastic household laundry and detergent containers. Glass of any kind and paper products including cardboard are not being recycled at this time. Please do not put these items in your blue bin because it only slows down and increases the cost of the collection process.

    The Band is working on ways to have these items included once again in their recycling program but have been unsuccessful so far. We will receive notice of any changes and update the website immediately.
    Please also make those who use your cottage aware of the items currently included in the recycling program.

  • And also please note that Service Fees are due April 1st and are to be submitted separately from your Lease payment.