2021 Fee Schedule

Over the past couple of weeks we have had cottagers ask what the schedule of new Lease rates looks like.

The Band has not shared these with us, but by now we  have had a significant number of cottagers share with us their new 2021 – 2026 lease rates. From what we have been told, we think the following chart represents the new fee structure.

Five Groups

It would seem that all lots except commercial lots have been bundled into one of five groups as shown below:


2021-2026 Fee Schedule Guesstimate

All waterfront lots in Block B$9,000.00
All 2nd row lots in Block B$4,281.00
All other waterfront lots$9,600.00
All other 2nd row lots$5,800.00
All 3rd and 4th row lots$4,660.00