Contractor Recommendations

We will add to this list as we receive recommendations from SCOI members over the coming days.

If you have used a contractor that you would recommend, please let us know!

Lawn Maintenance


Shipley Property Maintenance, Southampton
Phone: 519 270 2622
Website: https://shipleypropertymaintenance.ca/


McCartney Property, Wiarton
Website: https://mpmlimited.ca/


Lakemont Landscaping, Oliphant
Phone: 226 923 2381


Brad Wright
Phone: 519 387 0194

Paul Roberts,  Southampton (painting, yard maintenance, junk removal, flooring etc.
Phone: 519 377 7737
email:  paulhrob2@gmail.com

David Fowler
Phone:  519 387 3501
Email: l.l.fowler@hotmail.com

Towners Lawn Service, Southampton
Website: https://www.townerslawnservice.ca/
I am a lawn service company in Southampton. We have customers on BR 13 providing lawn cutting service throughout the summer.
This is our eleventh year of business. All staff under insured with W.C.I. and we are probably the largest lawn service company in Saugeen Shores.”
Bruce Towner

Tree Services

Beckett Tree Service,  Owen Sound
Phone: 519 375 6274
Website: https://becketttreeservice.ca/

Fawcett Tree Removal,  Southampton
Website:  https://www.fawcetttreeremoval.com/
Phone: 519 797 3504


Internet Service Providers

Website:  https://www.eastlink.ca/

GBTel, Owen Sound
Website:  https://www.gbtel.ca/