No Early Access to Cottage


We have received calls from a few plumbers who have received calls from cottagers wanting their water turned on.

The cottagers have indicated they will be returning to their cottage on the weekend prior to Monday June 1st.

We need to make it very clear that the Band’s State of Emergency and their office  closures do not end until June 1st.

The Chief said he hopes cottagers can return on June 1st.  That does not mean May 29, 30 or 31. 

So those of you who choose to go on the weekend prior to June 1st run the risk of getting fined $500 for each day you are there.

All Beaches Closed

Please also be aware that the Grey Bruce MOH has closed all beaches in Bruce County. This includes beaches on Band land. This is primarily targeted at day trippers but applies to everyone.

The Band, Sauble Beach and other municipalities as well as Parks Canada have been fining people who have ventured onto their beaches. This restriction may still be in place after June 1st.