April 9, 2020


With the Easter weekend imminent, I wanted to summarize where we are today amid all the messages and information.

Cottage Access

Cottagers have no access to their cottages due to the State of Emergency.  This includes cottages in all four associations;

The only exception is for those who have no other Canadian address.

Those cottagers are required to inform the Lands Management Office (519-797-3039)  or email Kirk Roote (e-mail address kirk.roote@saugeen.orgto inform the Band of your presence. As you are outside of the permitted access outlined in your lease, each cottager will be considered on a case by case basis by the Band.

Should you ignore the request of the Medical Officers of Health for Canada, Ontario and Grey Bruce, as well as provincial and municipal leaders to stay home, you will be stopped at a checkpoint by the security company hired by the Band and refused access to your cottage. Should you bypass a checkpoint, Band security is patrolling the reserve. They will ask you to leave immediately. Should you refuse, Band security will call the OPP and you will be having a conversation with them.

This is exactly the same procedure all local municipalities in Grey Bruce are following during the State of Emergency.

The bottom line?

Stay Home. Stay home until the State of Emergency is lifted.


Property Inspection

Talk to your insurance agent, first.

Engage a property checking service (as described in our April 4 post about Spring Cottage Patrol) that meets the requirements of your insurer, for your own peace of mind.


Service Fees and Lease Payment

The deadline for payment of your service fee is June 1, 2020, extended from April 1, 2020. The service fee is $1,000 for the year.

The deadline for payment of your annual lease is May 1, 2020. There is no extension, no reduction and no negotiation, as this is in your lease with the Federal government. Your lease payment amount is the same as last year.


Septic Systems

Please re-read our April 5 post on septic systems.  If your system is not in compliance, the path you have to follow is there.

If your septic system is, for example, a holding tank, send the details of your system to Kirk Roote (e-mail address kirk.roote@saugeen.org) along with a receipt for your last pump out and any other relevant documentation and ask if there is anything more you need to do. Cottage owners who have done this have received a quick and positive response confirming they are in compliance or with what needs to be done.


SCOI Web Page

The traffic on our web page has increased far beyond our original purpose and expectations of a few years ago. That has created a problem for us. We are all volunteers. We do this because we love Sauble Beach and we want to keep it as that special place it is.

If you have a cottage on Saugeen First Nation and you like this web page and the information we provide,

please join your local association. By doing so, part of your membership fee comes to SCOI and supports this web site and the expenses of the organization. 

Second, when you write a comment, please don’t use abusive language. We know this is an upsetting time, but we ask for civility in all communication. No one likes to receive an F-bomb.


Last Words

We know this is a difficult time for everyone. We are in the same position.

None of us can say when the State of Emergency will end.

All we can say is that if we all follow the directions of the Medical Officers of Health and STAY HOME except for essentials, WASH OUR HANDS and PRACTICE SOCIAL DISTANCING, we will get through this and be back at our beloved Sauble Beach as soon as possible.


Thank you

David Shearman,
President,  Saugeen Cottagers Organization Inc.