Lots of Comments and Questions

We have received a significant number of comments and questions related to the Premier’s musing about allowing cottage owners to go to their cottages on the May long weekend.

After meeting by phone with Cottage Country mayors, Premier Ford is now telling cottage owners to stay home based on advice from the Provincial and local medical officers of health.

Although the Band operates under Federal jurisdiction and its State of Emergency is separate from that of the Province, the message is the same.

Currently the Band offices are closed until June 1st. We do not believe there will be any relaxation of the Band’s SOE restrictions until after that time. Cancom continues to patrol and continues to issue tickets to cottagers who do not have Band permission to be at their cottages.

Contractor Access

We have also received many requests about letting contractors back onto Band land. Currently only contractors doing emergency repairs are getting permission to do their work. This too remains unchanged.


When there are changes to the current restrictions, we will let you know.