We have turned off “comments” on all the recent posts (including this one).

Once again we have been inundated with messages that in most cases are civil but repetitive – people agreeing with previous posts, some cheering each other on and in a couple of cases, individuals sending complementary comments to an earlier comment they made but under a different name.

Everyone is arguing why they should be allowed to go to their cottage and arguing whether or not the Premier issued a stay at home order. He did not. We are being told, as part of the provincial emergency handbrake policy, to stay at home and to limit our contacts to immediate family only for the next four weeks. The band is making the exact same request of us.

“But I’ve been Vaccinated!”

Many are arguing that by being vaccinated, they should be allowed to go to their cottage. Others are promising not to socialize and that they will remain at their cottage. Vaccination is not relevant at the moment. Many in Grey Bruce are not vaccinated. The area has a much lower distribution priority because of a much lower disease incidence and so is not receiving large numbers of vaccines.

Last Spring

You may also recall that last spring the Chief very compassionately allowed snowbirds with no permanent Canadian address to stay at their cottages outside of the lease period. A number of cottagers were not truthful with the Band about where they lived so they could be at their cottage instead of their Ontario home. If you had forgotten, the Band has not. Those actions do not build a trusting relationship.


Telling the band what they should be doing is disrespectful and reeks of privilege. That is not language SCOI uses. The word “should” is not in our vocabulary.

When the Band is comfortable enough to allow cottagers back we will be informed. We will share that information as soon as we receive it.

Not a Social Media Platform

Once again we remind everyone that the SCOI website is not a social media discussion forum. It is used by SCOI to share relevant information for the benefit of cottage owners and to receive feedback that helps SCOI in its liaising with the Band.


Happy Easter everyone.