On July 27, 2018, Jim Grant, Rob McLaughlin and Chris Ball met with Chief Lester Anoquot to discuss several topics.  We congratulated the Chief on his re-election and looked forward to continued collaboration between SCOI and the Band.

The Chief is acutely aware of the issues at South Sauble and French Bay and working diligently with his staff and Band Council to address the challenges of security and safety on the beach.  He committed to speaking with CanCom Security and requesting they step up their enforcement on the beach.  He is also requesting a meeting with CanCom, the OPP and ourselves to strategize on how to better serve the cottagers and keep the beach a safe and enjoyable place.  He believes the Band will have their own police force shortly and they will be able to address these challenges more proactively at that point.

We discussed the Saugeen Cottagers Endowed Fund and due to some turnover in the education department, it has been a slow start.  A more focused effort will be placed on ensuring the band members are aware and encouraged to take part in this program.

We mentioned that a Septic System info session has been planned for August 4th at Sauble United Church so we can pro-actively prepare to be compliant with all Health Canada regulations.

Our relationship with the Chief and Band continues to be strong and productive and we truly appreciate their efforts in addressing lescottager’s suggestions and concerns.