Last summer many cottagers found that they were running short of water.  Many have either hand dug wells or sand points, neither of which is very deep.

This year we have an abundance of water but, because of that, these shallow sources of water may not be fit for drinking, so they should be tested regularly. There are also many cottagers who draw water directly from the lake which this year has seen significant runoff from contributing rivers and streams also making it necessary to test regularly to ensure it is safe to drink.

To Have Your Water Tested

For those wishing to have their water tested, there are two options:

  1. Sauble Family Health Team offices at 620B Main Street, Sauble Beach. Sample kits can be picked up any day during the week from the clinic. Completed information sheets with a water sample can only be dropped off on Tuesday or Thursday before 10:05am.
  2. Southampton Hospital at either the Emergency Department or the Lab. Sample kit pickup can be anytime. Completed information sheets with the accompanying water sample must be returned by 9:40am Monday to Friday. Samples can be stored in the refrigerator at the hospital if submitted on the evening before.

Samples are processed by London Public Health who will notify the submitter directly with the results.
There is no charge for water testing.


Safe Drinking Water Taps

 The Band has three public drinking water taps that we are aware of.

The Band gets its water from the Saugeen Shores municipal system.  Water from each of the taps is sampled by the Band’s Water Department every day except Christmas day.

Tap at 2nd Ave and French Bay Rd

Tap at 2nd Ave and French Bay Rd

There is a tap at the SE corner of French Bay Road and 2nd Ave. The band installed a user friendly tap there last year. The tap is located one house up from the 2nd Ave corner  on the South side and is set back in with a U shaped laneway leading to it.

This tap is at the end of the line so we suggest letting the water run a bit before filling up.




The second tap is on the south side of French Bay Road at the intersection with Charles Street (about half way between Bruce Co. Rd 13 and 2nd Ave).

The tap is behind guard rails that run along the road there, so is not very easy to reach. You have to climb over the guard rails and lift your containers over as well. Plus there is no place to safely pull right off the road because of the guard rails.


Tap at Charles St. half way between Bruce Co. 13 and French Bay Road

Tap at Charles St. half way between Bruce Co. 13 and French Bay Road


The third tap is on the south side of Charles St. half way between Bruce Co. 13 and French Bay Road.

This tap is also at the end of the line so let it run a bit before filling up. But this spot has a pullout for easy access and is more off the beaten track so it isn’t as busy. And in the spring, the trilliums in the surrounding forest are awesome.




Helpful Tip

We suggest you take a short piece of garden hose with a female end with you. It will screw onto the tap nozzle so you can run water directly into your containers without much spillage or spray. You open the tap by lifting on the blue handle. But hang onto the hose because there is a lot of pressure in the line. Be sure to completely close the tap when you are finished. Remember to take your hose back to the cottage with you!

If you intend to use the tap at French Bay Road and 2nd Ave you should measure the distance from the tap to your water container. This tap is on a fairly tall stand pipe and if you have decent sized containers, you will need a hose long enough to reach them because as they fill, they will become too heavy to hold up that high.

The tap on Charles St. is on a shorter stand pipe and there are blocks there to help get your water container closer to the tap, but a hose is still recommended to reduce splashing and spillage.



Have a safe summer!