Cancom Security Vehicle

Cancom Security Vehicle

By mid-August last summer there had been a number of incidents on the main beach which resulted in the SFN contracting with Cancom Security Services for overnight surveillance of the main beach from late afternoon to opening time in the morning.

This spring SFN issued an RFP requesting proposals for surveillance coverage of the Main Beach as well as other parts of the Reserve from 2pm to 2am. Cancom was selected and their officers began patrolling last week. They were very visible on the Main Beach this last weekend. 

 Cancom provided a letter to SFN to inform the community of the roles, responsibilities, actions, etc. that Cancom will be responsible for. They have provided contact information along with available hours, what they can and cannot be contacted for, and the proper procedure for emergencies/etc.      Click here to read the letter.

Please note that they are not to be contacted for emergency services, however they can be notified once emergency services have been contacted.

For emergencies call 911 (Police, Fire, Ambulance)