April 19, 2020

We continue to receive questions and comments from cottage owners about the State of Emergency.

We are reiterating the Band’s State of Emergency Declaration.  It does not allow for cottage visits, short term or otherwise, at this time.



The only exception granted by the Band is for those cottage owners who have returned to Canada on the advice of the Federal Government and who have no other Canadian residential address except their cottage.

Upon arrival, those cottage owners must follow the strict 14-day quarantine as required by the Federal Government.

They are also required by the Band Council to indicate their presence at their cottage by registration with the Lands Management Office by leaving a message at 519-797-3039 or sending an e-mail message to kirk.roote@saugeen.org.
In that message or e-mail please include your name and fire number.


Security Patrols

Cancom Security Vehicle

We have been informed that Cancom Security is patrolling and checking with cottagers to confirm that those who are there do, in fact, have no other Canadian residence.

The Chief and Council have indicated that cottagers found at their cottage outside of those with no other Canadian address will be charged with trespassing and fined $500.

We are aware that at least one person has been charged. Cancom Security are Federal Bylaw Enforcement Officers with authority to lay charges on behalf of the Band.


State of Emergency (SOE)

The Band’s State of Emergency is open-ended and not likely to be lifted anytime soon.

The Band put its State of Emergency in place at the same time as the rest of the municipalities in Grey Bruce. This decision was made after consideration of the advice of the Grey Bruce Medical Office of Health (MOH), Dr. Arra. Dr. Arra has said recently that he expects an increase in COVID-19 cases in Grey Bruce before there is any decline.


Tempted to Go Anyway?

And although it is tempting to go to the cottage now that nice weather is on the way, we ask you to think carefully about that action and the consequences.

Now is not the time to go to your cottage, even for what you may think is a “quick” trip or “just to check on things”.

Camcon Security is routinely checking cottages. There are services who are also checking properties, including the contractors for Spring Patrol . Our properties are under much closer scrutiny than ever.


When will the SOE End?

Lifting the State of Emergency will also be a decision of the Chief and Band Council and following consideration of the advice of the MOH and the Province of Ontario. We expect this to happen gradually. We have no idea when it will occur.


Our advice continues to be stay at home, wash your hands and keep your distance.

David Shearman,
President, Saugeen Cottagers Organization Inc.