OuthouseAssessment Priorities

The Band, in concert with Health Canada and Environment Ontario, will be doing an assessment of septic systems on Saugeen 28 and 29 Reserves.

The first priority will be to identify very old and inadequate systems and systems that are not functioning properly.

The longer term goal is to have all systems brought up to code standards.

Very old systems or systems in disrepair that do not come close to meeting code will be placed in a high risk group and will be the first to require upgrading.

The Band instituted new code requirements just a few years ago, so it is expected that most systems will need some upgrading eventually. Those installed or upgraded more recently, but before the code changed, will be last on the list to be addressed as long as they continue to function properly.


The timing of the assessment is unknown but will likely begin this fall.

At this time it is unknown how many systems will need attention right away and thus the timetable for remediation is also unknown.

Automatic Assessment for Permits

There is also an automatic assessment for those properties where a building permit is required that involves a bathroom or kitchen. These properties must meet the new code before a permit will be issued.


As details become known, we will communicate them to everyone through this website.