Friday, August 3, 2018    2 – 4 pm 

Sauble Beach United Church (formerly Zion Amabel United Church)           

Sponsored by  Saugeen Cottagers Organization Inc,

The meeting is designed to help land-lease cottage owners to become more familiar with the Saugeen First Nation septic upgrading initiative.

Kirk Roote will speak about how the initiative is being implemented and Band policy re: cottage sales/purchases, building permits, existing but recent septic upgrades that no longer meet code and the importance of record keeping (installation and maintenance, pump outs etc..).

George Korzeniecki will discuss current code requirements, separation distances/set backs, installation requirements and various technology/design options based on lot size/shape and existing infrastructure.

Brian Miller will be available to answer questions related to installation logistics, timelines as well as technology/design options and can discuss creating an acceptable design and a submission for a septic permit.


  • Kirk Roote, Manager, Lands Management,  Saugeen First Nation
  • George Korzeniecki, Environmental Health Officer,  Indigenous Services Canada   
  • Brian Miller, Septic installations – Miller’s Contracting, Southampton