Aboriginal Day (June 21) fireworks postponed.

The Chief indicated that the Aboriginal Day fireworks, which in recent years has been held on June 21st on the French Bay Road Point at the South end of the Main Beach, has been postponed.

Firstly, with high lake levels, the location is inadequate for this event this year.

Secondly, the Band’s amphitheatre restoration project is progressing very well and will be back in use later in the summer. The fireworks used to be at the amphitheatre before moving to the Beach a few years ago.

The new date and location for this year will be on Saturday, August 10 at the Amphitheatre (at the United Church on the south side of highway 21 in Saugeen overlooking the Saugeen River).

Everyone is welcome and we encourage you to attend both for the fireworks and to see the refurbished Amphitheatre and surrounding dry stonewall works.