Jim Grant of the Block “B” Association reports of some significant traffic changes coming this summer on Bruce Road 13.

As some of you may be aware, Block B Cottagers Association has been lobbying Bruce County for some time to reduce the speed limit on Bruce County Road 13.   There are approximately 300 driveways between Eckford and 2nd Avenue, making this a high density area.  In a study done in the summer of 2020, over 79% of drivers were exceeding the speed limit, 28% of drivers were exceeding 90 km/h and there were 90 drivers travelling over 115 km/h – 35 km/h above the posted speed limit.  There were also two cyclists struck by vehicles on this stretch of road during the summer of 2021.

During a meeting of Bruce County’s Transportation and Environmental Services on March 17, a by-law supporting a speed limit reduction on Bruce County Rd.13 to 70 km/h was presented. The report indicated that a request was made by residents to reduce the speed limit on the road from Eckford Avenue to 2nd Avenue South. A review was presented to County Council saying that the posted speed limit is no longer suited to the number of entrances in the relatively short distance. Bruce County Council approved the recommended lower speed limit of 70 km per hour. This  will bring the stretch of road back into compliance and up to date with current development trends. The lower speed limit will take effect once the new speed limit signs are erected.

I have also been able to speak with the Wiarton OPP community liaison officer. He informed me that the detachment Commander has authorized additional patrols to enforce the reduced speed limit on the section in between Eckford and 2nd Ave. They will be putting sensors at various locations on this stretch once the weather warms up to gain some statistical data of traffic patterns, locations and speeds. That statistical data will help coordinate efforts in terms of additional speed enforcement. They want the additional patrols to be very targeted to days/times of increased speed. Here’s hoping the added enforcement (and resulting speeding tickets) will result in reduced speeds and a safer area for cottagers and cyclists!

Many thanks to Ellen Williams, for her dedication, hard work and tenacity on this.  I for one, am hoping for a slower, safer summer in 2022.

David Shearman
Owen Sound, Ontario