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News and Updates

Spring 2022

1. Registration for 2022 – 2023

As many of you have discovered, we have a new registration system for 2022.
(Read our January 2022 post about the new system.)

Access to the site is open to all (no password/login needed) until June 1, 2022. After that, only registered, paid-in-full, members will be able to read the posts on this site.

2. Land Management Service Fee Invoice and Brochure

The Land Management office has sent out invoices for 2022 service fees which remain at $1000 for this year. Payment is due April 1st.We assume most cottage owners will have received their invoice recently. Once the payment has been received by the Band, a receipt and the 2022 Landfill Pass will be sent to you.

Included with the Service fee invoice is the 2022 Services and Updates Brochure. We encourage everyone to read this document and keep it handy for reference – particularly for garbage recycling and pickup information and landfill site rates and hours of operation.

Please also note the Septic Systems section. We understand that septic upgrades are ongoing and progressing well with over 70% of cottage owners having their systems approved or having septic permits issued with the work pending. 

New Phone Numbers

Last summer the Land Management Office moved into the new Band administration building on Cameron Dr. Please note the new Band switchboard phone number – 519 797 2781. The Land management extensions are listed in the brochure.

   Kirk Roote ext 1133

   Pat Roote ext 1132

The old Land Management number (519 797 3039) is no longer in use.

3. Lease renewals

We spoke with Kirk Roote this week about the disposition of the leases that were signed last year. He indicated that they are all at Indigenous Services Canada for signing and he was not sure how much longer it will be before they are returned for distribution to cottage owners. 

We also asked about leases for the 90 lots that were subject to last year’s designation vote. Each of those cottage owners signed a 2-year permit which bridged occupancy until a designation vote was held. The designation vote was successful. The permits were to then to be replaced by leases that end in 2026. Kirk indicated that all the leases that will replace the permits are ready to go out to cottagers for signing, but the Band is waiting for ministerial approval before they can go out.

4. Bruce County 13 Speed Limit

Bruce County Council is proposing a bylaw to reduce the speed limit on Bruce Rd. 13 from Eckford Ave., just north of the Saugeen First Nation boundary, to 2nd Ave South. The speed limit will be reduced from 80 km/h to 70 km/h. The recommendation comes from a traffic survey conducted in 2020.

This change affects the cottagers in Block B and will be effective once the signs go up.

5. Ontario Hydro right-of-way trimming

Ontario Hydro is currently removing trees and limbs etc. that are encroaching on hydro lines on the Reserve. This includes most of the secondary roads in cottage areas.

2nd Avenue was trimmed out about 10 years ago and at the time we were told that Hydro was looking at a 30- year timeframe before needing to do it again. However, there may be places along 2nd Ave. that need to be redone.

Most other streets and avenues will likely be subject to some trimming. The work is expected to continue to early summer.

6. Grey Bruce Septic Letter

Grey Bruce Septic Services sent the following e-mail out to their customers announcing changes in their services. 

Hello to all of our valued customers, we hope this email finds you well and I apologize if it is not relevant for you, this is the one and only time we are sending a mass email.

It is a snowy day here in Sauble Beach but we are dreaming of summer days and thinking ahead. We just wanted to reach out and let everyone know that we have changed our appearance, the trucks are no longer red, they are grey!

Another thing we just wanted to briefly mention is the difficulty we have finding drivers who want to work evenings/weekends. That being said, we really need customers to keep an eye on their septic systems that don’t work properly, or holding tanks without alarms. We will not be scheduling any Saturday calls; Saturday mornings will be left open for emergencies only and same-day rates will apply this year. We wish we had the ability to provide 24/7 service, because we understand there is a need for that, but we don’t always have multiple trucks readily available. Fuel prices are also going to affect costs this year, much like everything else our prices will likely be increased accordingly as a result and we appreciate your understanding. Regular rates resume April 1st, weather pending

We hope you’ve all had a healthy and happy winter and look forward to serving you this summer!

Kevin & Brooke Beirnes

7. Return to Cottage May 1, 2022

It looks like we have an all clear for return to the cottage on May 1st. Currently there are no restrictions in place for visiting your cottage other than the 10-day limit for April. 

You may have also noted that the brochure indicates that at this time, the Band does not anticipate opening the beaches to the public this year. However, there is a caveat that this may change if lake water levels become significantly lower. We will keep you posted as the season rolls out. 

Best wishes for a safe and enjoyable cottage season,
Rob McLaughlin
SCOI secretary/treasurer