Spring Cottage Patrol

SCOI and each of the cottage owners’ associations in consultation with Trent Skinner, Property Checks (South Sauble, French Bay & Block B) and Bob Russell (Chief’s Point) have agreed to offer a continuation of Winter Patrol (aka Spring Patrol).

Available only to Current Winter Patrol Subscribers


Spring Patrol will be offered to cottage owners who are currently Winter Patrol subscribers. 


The Service

The service will provide coverage (2 visits /month) for May and June.


The cost is $24.40 for the 4 visits.

There will be no refunds if the State of Emergency is lifted before the end of June.

If the State of Emergency has not been lifted by the end of June, cottagers enrolled for Spring Patrol can continue to subscribe on a monthly basis for $12.20 (2 visits)/month until the State of Emergency  has been lifted.

French Bay, South Sauble & Block B

Each of the South Sauble, French Bay and Block B cottage associations will be reaching out to their current Winter Patrol subscribers to determine which of these cottage owners wishes to subscribe to Spring Patrol.

Cottagers will register and pay the fee to their Cottage Association and in turn the Cottage Association will contract with Property Checks as is done for winter patrol. Please direct all questions to your Cottage Association treasurer.

Chief’s Point

Bob Russell has agreed to reach out to his current Winter Patrol clients at Chief’s Point.

Cottage owners will deal directly with Bob.

Non-Winter Patrol Participants

For cottage association members who opted not to participate in Winter Patrol this past year, Trent Skinner and Bob Russell are prepared to also inspect your cottages.

The rate will be higher, but if you are interested in getting further information please contact the appropriate individual directly.

Those from South Sauble, French Bay and Block B, please contact Trent Skinner at 519 422 2002,

or at propertychecks@hotmail.ca .

Chief’s Point cottage owners please call Bob Russell at 519-422-2099.

David Shearman
President,  Saugeen Cottager’s Organization, Inc.