This is a prime time of year for thieves.

Since Labour Day, there have been a number of kayaks and barbecues stolen from Saugeen cottages.  We have a report from a Block B cottager that, to-date, there have been at least 9 kayaks taken.  We don’t have a count on the number of stolen BBQs, but do know those have  been targeted as well this fall.

Many cottages are vacant at this time of year but not yet closed up for the season.  This means patio furniture, water craft, barbecues etc. are still readily available for the taking by unscrupulous opportunists.

If possible, please secure any items of value with a lock or by placing in a locked shed when you will be away for a week or 2.

If you see suspicious activity at a neighbour’s cottage, please notiify

  • Cancom at 519-379-4760

  • or the Wiarton OPP at 519-534-1323