Season’s Greetings Everyone

Three Initiatives

We hope this post finds you all well and ready for the Holiday Season. There are three initiatives currently underway in and around Saugeen that we have been made aware of that we thought we should share with you.

1. Help Us Help the Band

Firstly, many of you may not realize that the Band is coping with a serious drug problem. In Late summer there was a murder on the Reserve, the Church fires appear to have been drug related and this fall there have been deaths from overdose, suicides and increases in homelessness.

The message we received (see below) from Toni McGregor Callaghan, a Block B cottage owner and executive director for a homeless charity in Owen Sound, indicates the Band is reaching out for help.

The SCOI Board has agreed to match gifts donated to Toni’s charity for this initiative up to $500. The SCOI budget is in surplus this year because we did not incur costs associated with holding our Annual General Meeting. This seemed like an excellent opportunity to help the Band with a serious problem in a small but timely way.

Please read Toni’s appeal below and if you are so inclined, help us help the Band by donating a few dollars to Safe ‘N Sound for bedding for the Saugeen winter shelter. Thank you for your support!

Good evening,

I live in Owen Sound and I’m the executive director of Safe ‘N Sound, it’s a homelessness initiative and we deal with a lot of people with addiction mental health issues and homelessness.

In my position I work a lot with the indigenous community as well and have learned last week that both Saugeen and cape Croker are having a very rough time with overdoses, suicide and homelessness. I’ve been asked to see if I can find 20 pillows and 20 blankets as they are turning the youth center into a shelter for the winter. I thought as a person that owns a cottage on Band land that maybe we as an Association could step up a little bit and make that donation to support the Band. I’m sure you have lots of questions please call me when you get this anytime and I can explain further. I just thought it would be a good faith gesture and that the Band would know that we care. 

Toni McGregor Callaghan

Block B Cottager

You can visit Toni’s Safe ‘N Sound website at:

Be sure to identify yourself as a Saugeen cottager to get the match.  


2. Saugeen Memorial Hospital (Southampton)

We have also received a request (below) from Barry Ries who is a South Sauble cottage owner and a volunteer member of the Saugeen Memorial Hospital (Southampton) Foundation. Barry asked if we would post his message asking for financial support for the hospital. Although the SCOI website is not intended to support local charitable fund raising, the SCOI Board has agreed that such requests will be granted if donations are being sought for initiatives that directly or indirectly support the Band, its members and/or Saugeen cottagers.

My name is Barry Ries and I have a cottage on16th St. South in Sauble Beach, on Saugeen Reserve 29.
That makes me a seasonal resident. And so far as anybody knows, I’m the only seasonal resident ever to be a member of the board of the Saugeen Memorial Hospital (Southampton) Foundation.

Why did I volunteer to join the board? While my permanent residence is in Waterloo, I (like most SCOI members) spend much of the year in the Sauble area. Where am I going to go if I break a leg? Southampton. Swimmer’s ear? Southampton. A stroke or heart attack? A concussion? Southampton.

Saugeen Memorial Hospital is OUR front line medical facility. Us. We seasonal residents.
You may not know this, but the provincial government does not pay for the equipment inside a hospital. Saugeen Memorial’s x-ray equipment is old and needs to be replaced. The hospital foundation is trying to raise $510,000 for a new x-ray machine.
It’s important. I’ve donated, and I encourage other seasonal residents to also donate. The hospital is there for all of us.

Please visit for further information.

That said, to hell with 2020. See you on the beach next year!”

Barry Ries

Saugeen Cottager

Barry, thank you for your commitment to keeping “our” hospital up to date.

And thanks to those who choose to support this vital part of our community.

3. Habitat for Humanity Build

And finally, for those of you looking to support a Band project in the Spring or those who are handy and have run out of things to fix at the cottage (if that ever happens). You might want to consider putting a SCOI work crew together to help out for a few days/weeks depending on  covid restrictions –  “ bubbles of builders”. Here is a preview:

May you all be safe, healthy, and kind to one another. The Winter Solstice is behind us and the days are now getting longer as we get closer to being back at the cottage.

Best wishes to all,
SCOI Board