We have received the following information from the Band:


Travel Within Ontario

Travel between regions will greatly increase the potential for spikes in community spread and undo all the progress we have made.

You should avoid travelling between zones (for example, from Grey-Lockdown to any other zone, Red-Control to Orange-Restrict or Yellow-Protect to Green-Prevent), except for essential reasons.

Grey Bruce Public Health district, which includes Saugeen First Nation, is in a “Yellow” or Protect level of public health measures in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

As such, we are allowing cottagers who are reside in a green, yellow or orange designated area only to visit their SFN leased land.    Cancom have a list of everyone’s home address and will continue to patrol the leased land area.  Any cottager or contractor accessing their cottage from a red or grey zone will be fined with NO grace period.   We will review these limitations after the February 22 guidelines are issued by Ontario and Grey Bruce Health.

Any contracting activity can re-start as long as they are limited to a maximum of 10 days’ work per month for February through April.  The ten-day limit per month includes the combination of time spent by a cottager and or contractor at any one leased location.

Any lease land holder who has not already purchased the two-month extension can arrange this through the Lands Office at 519-372-7830 or by emailing Kirk Roote at kirk.roote@saugeen.org  This would allow the leased land holder and or the contractor to work fulltime for a two-month period.


Brian Death

Interim Band Admistrator, Saugeen First Nation

SCOI’s Interpretation

SCOI interprets this message to mean that no cottage owners or their contractors who live in a Red or Grey zone can go to their cottage yet. Those who live in orange, yellow and green zones can.

Contractors from orange, yellow and green zones can return to work on the Reserve even if the cottage owner cannot. However this is for only ten days per month (combined time of cottager and contractor).

There is also the option for cottage owners who have not already purchased the additional 2 month option, to do so. This would allow green, yellow and orange zone contractors to return to work full time even if the owner is from a red or grey zone. Technically this would allow contractors to use 10 working days during the remainder of February plus March and April without further interruption.

If you are still unsure what is being allowed, please contact Kirk Roote 519  797 3039 or at kirk.roote@saugeen.org