Many of you may have already seen the large number of trees that have been cut down in Block B along the east side of Bruce County 13. The Band has taken them down because they were showing signs of Emerald Ash Borer infestation. To reduce spread of the insect, the wood is being provided to Band elders for firewood.

This serves as a reminder that on land lease lots removal of infested ash trees is the responsibility of the cottage owner. If infested trees that represent a danger have not been removed, the Band may mark the tree(s) and require the cottage owner to take action.

Please also keep in mind that leaving a tree standing too long may also have an impact on any insurance claims that arise from damage caused if part or all of the tree comes down. Cottage owners are also reminded that they need permission from the Land Management office to take a tree down. However this will not necessary if the tree has already been marked for removal.


Tree removal services in the area  include: