Miller’s Construction, Southampton

This morning I spoke with Brian Miller of Miller’s Construction in Southampton.

Brian says he has been installing septic systems on Band land for about three weeks, this spring.

Brian has been dealing with cottage owners by phone. He has been able to visit their properties to assess what needs to be done.  He then develops a plan and a quote that cottagers can approve. They then send him a cheque to secure his services and he submits the plan to Kirk for approval. Even though the Lands Office is formally closed, Kirk has been able to keep the approval and inspection processes going.

Brian stockpiled supplies last fall and has had no problem so far, acquiring additional materials this spring.

Miller’s is booking jobs as far ahead as 2023 because people may need time to set aside the funds required for the necessary upgrades.

His understanding is that last year’s expectations have not changed. Cottagers need to have an approved plan and a contractor secured before leases will be renewed. As reported previously, SCOI has asked Kirk for confirmation of this information. We have yet to hear anything further. We will post that information as soon as we have it.

Miller’s is the only contractor that we have spoken with, but if you have made arrangements with a contractor or are planning to do so, contact them by phone and make arrangements with them directly.

If there is a change, we will let you know.

Rob McLaughlin
SCOI secretary/treasurer