What is Winter Patrol?

The patrollers will perform a complete inspection of your cottage and outbuildings. Any damage due to vandalism or weather will be reported to you with a call or e-mail.  If a break-in is discovered, the patrollers will contact the Police and the cottage owner.  Please ensure your cottage owners’ association has your current winter telephone number and e-mail address.  The patrollers will cover openings with plastic, but will not make repairs.  It is the responsibility of the cottage owner to arrange for any repairs.

Snow load on the roofs of cottages and outbuildings will be checked visually.

As part of the inspection, the patrollers will check each door to ensure that it is properly locked.  If you plan to purposely leave your doors unlocked, please inform Trent Skinner (Property Checks at 519-422-2002) to prevent any unnecessary calls.

French Bay Beach Association only:

The patrollers ask that on the membership form you indicate at what depth you want to be notified.  Please keep in mind that snow load can change dramatically between inspections.  It is advised that you monitor weather conditions/forecasts for the area throughout the winter.


Some tips for reducing the risk of vandalism to your cottage:

  • Secure windows & doors with wooden shutters, especially sliding windows that are easily forced open.  USE A BAR OR ROD ON SLIDING WINDOWS AND PATIO DOORS TO PREVENT THEM FROM BEING FORCED OPEN
  • Use strong locks on doors, or put a padlock on the screen door.
  • Never leave any evidence of alcohol visible in your cottage.
  • It is best to remove valuables such as televisions, stereos and computers, but if you use your cottage over the winter and leave them there, make sure they cannot be seen from the outside.

NOTE:  Some insurance companies are offering a discount if you have this service.  Check your policy.

The volunteer directors of FBBA administer the winter patrol service as a member benefit and assume no liability with this agreement.



Your contract is with Property Checks, Trent Skinner.
He can be reached at 519-422-2002 or

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